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The photos in this gallery with "hs" in the title were from a single project which included 3 bedrooms, a large basement multi-purpose area, a laundry room, and parts of the master bedroom, kitchen, and dining rooms; it involved about 55 hours, and the work was done by the homemaker and one organizer.  Images from the workroom show work completed by the homemaker alone, after the organizer left the scene.  By working with the organizer she learned what questions to ask herself as she sorted the room contents, and she had developed real confidence about handling it.

Many potential clients tend to overestimate how long it will take to deal with a particular mess, e.g.,  assuming that these work / basement rooms would take "weeks," when in reality, once tackled with objective help(ers), things took shape in a couple of days...

Other photos with "uc" in the title are from various client and organizing class students' projects.



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